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Portrait photography is one of the most demanding types of photography because it combines such a great deal of artistry coupled with technical skill. Portraits require time plan a thoughtful and creative shoot, time to shoot a variety of image options, and time to post-process a finished product. Oftentimes, the post processing can be very tedious, and it requires a high level of skill and artistry to produce images that are tasteful, modern, and believable. One way to make this process easier is to have tools designed specifically for editing and retouching portraits.  

I have sometimes felt helpless trying to look for a resource that could give me a helping hand at making my portraits stand out, without costing me hours of my time. Luckily, I have found that the Strike A Pose Portrait Workflow from Sleeklens.com does just this; it empowers me with 62 brushes designed for retouching portraits, as well as 69 presets for Lightroom that make editing portraits beautiful and easy-breezy. This service instantly turns portrait images into amazing shots that will take your breath away.

Portraits sometimes can be very tight shots, so it tends to give you an up close and personal feel for the subject in the image.  With that being said, as you can imagine, your subject will be front and center in the frame.  Having such amazing retouching options, along with a beautifully composed and edited version of your subjects best self will accelerate your portrait photography to a new level.

I cannot say enough how valuable Sleeklens.com is to me.  For more information or for questions on how to use this product, I would love to help!  Be sure to get in touch! <3

Black and white headshot of a man in San FranciscoBlack and White HeadshotBlack and White Headshot

San Fancisco black and white photo of a womanBlack and white picture of a womanBlack and white picture of a woman

Unique colorful head shot of a young man edited to add unique vibes to a traditional headshotUnique colorful head shot of a young manUnique colorful head shot of a young man Fun and unique headshot of a woman on a gray backgroundFun Picture of womanFun Picture of woman

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How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/5/how-to-dress-for-your-spring-headshot Professional headshots are always suggested when your goal is to have a visual aide to gain success towards your future goals.  A headshot gives the prospective client the opportunity to have a first impression before they even get to meet you, so it important that it is up to date, and a true representation of the image of your brand.

Your Spring Wardrobe

When preparing for an upcoming headshot photography session, clients will often ask for recommendations on what to wear. I always recommend that clients dress in their very favorite professional outfit, so they feel as confident as possible. Clients should dress to bring out the great person they currently are, as well as the new person they are evolving into (even if we won’t shoot full body).

Prepare Yourself Mentally

I also invite clients to take time on the days leading up to the shoot to meditate and pay attention to their inner dialogues. The camera will always pull out the inner emotions that you are feeling, so it important that the clients take care of their confidence before being in front of the camera. The spring is a great time to step into a new mindset of what you want to call into your life and career. New photos are a true renewal, and some personal work on the clients’ behalf will allow us to take full advantage of this opportunity. 

How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot
How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot
How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot
How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot
How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot
How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot
How To Dress For Your Spring Headshot

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Using Lightroom Presets http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/3/using-lightroom-presets Using Lightroom Presets

Us photographers are always trying to find the latest technology, trends, and software to make our photos as perfect as they can be for our clients. In the most recent years, nearly everyone was using Photoshop for editing, and it was a great tool to make photos look exactly as planned. However, the times are changing and new software is making its break. A personal favorite of mine is Adobe Lightroom

I like to call Adobe Lightroom the new Photoshop. It is now the most commonly used editing software for photographers, both amateurs and professional alike. I love Adobe Lightroom because of the convenience that it provides. Because it is a cloud-based service, you can edit literally anywhere. Whether it be on your phone, tablet, or computer, it is accessible anywhere that you have wifi or data. There have been so many times where I have had to change plans because of the long editing to-do list that I had at home. After using Adobe Lightroom, I can edit pictures on the go. Better yet, I can also share these photos with my clients from anywhere as well!

One of the ways to really leverage the power of Lightroom as a quick/batch editing platform is with presets. Lightroom allows you to save your own presets, but as a professional photographer, I often require many different types of presets for different styles and don't have time to go through and develop and refine these. I rely on Sleeklens.com for providing me with professionally developed, beautiful Lightroom presets. Sleeklens is an affordable, efficient, and effective way to edit and organize your photos. 

Adobe Lightroom and Sleeklens are my go-to services for editing photos. Both of these have nearly everything I need to make the photos I take “picture perfect” - literally! 

A maternity session edited using LightroomA maternity session edited using LightroomEli's signature editing style is done by using Lightroom

info@elizphotography.com (Eli Zaturanski Photography) lightroom lightroom presets sleeklens sleeklens.com http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/3/using-lightroom-presets Sun, 18 Mar 2018 18:48:51 GMT
Ideas For Candid Groomsmen Shots http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/3/ideas-for-candid-groomsmen-shots When we talk about candid wedding photos it’s always with a sort of half meaning. That is to say, it’s common for a photographer to ask a wedding party to socialize or to start getting dressed for the ceremony, etc., and then start snapping photos; the concept is staged, but individual shots are candid. It’s always a little awkward for a moment, but then people actually get into whatever they’re asked to do, and you can usually pick up some excellent candid photos.

In that spirit, we’ve put together a few ideas for a groom and groomsmen shoot that go beyond the typical posing or putting on suits. Some are a little specific, but for the right wedding party they could be perfect.

Out On A Walk

Out on a walk doesn’t sound that original at first, because plenty of wedding party pictures are taken outside. But the idea of the groomsmen (and groom) simply walking down a path, or dispersing outside somewhere, is a little bit different. We got the inspiration from a bridal site’s rundown of awesome groomsmen photos, which included a mesmerizing shot of seven groomies in kilts and sport coats walking down a beautiful, hazy path. It looks more like the beginning to some curious tale than a staged wedding photo, and is exactly the sort of candid picture so many of us want on this occasion.

At The Bar

It’s not uncommon by any means for groomsmen to have cocktails or beers while they’re being photographed in the final hours before a wedding, getting ready for the occasion. What’s a little more unusual though is a full-fledged happy hour (not that anyone should get too crazy!). If the wedding is being held at any sort of hotel or venue with a bar, think about setting up a situation in which the groomsmen and groom are simply hanging out at the bar counter, talking to one another with drinks in front of them. After a few minutes this will turn into ordinary socializing and you’ll be able to take pictures down the line, capturing the group in what may well be its most natural state.

Playing Cards

It’s a little bit of a cliché, but there’s just something iconic about a group of well-dressed men playing cards. If there’s a suitable table, it can be a great idea to ask the guys to start a game and then take pictures of the action. And actually it can be a fun idea for a pre-wedding activity even if the groomsmen aren’t experts. Most people at least understand the basics of poker, and you can learn the blackjack rules with just a few minutes spent online or at a digital gaming platform. Both can produce great, recognizable images, either of a flop of cards in the middle of the table and groomsmen all around it, or of each individual with a pair of cards, one face-up, one down, hoping to land blackjack.

Watching TV

Occasionally, a wedding party just wants to chill out before the big ceremony starts. Depending of course on the groom’s preferences, that might just mean watching TV or even a favorite movie to loosen up. This kind of moment is actually perfect for candid photos as well. If everyone is dressed and ready, sitting together with eyes on a screen, you can get some very interesting photos that simultaneously show a sense of unity and detachment – like they’re all in it together but not sure what they’re in for (which tends to be the case).


It’s fairly traditional as mentioned for groomsmen to be photographed as they’re getting ready – which is to say putting on their suits, etc. But one thing we overlook is that men have to actually get groomed as well. You can find all kinds of grooming tips for men in wedding parties, and a lot of men pay more attention to the finer points of their appearances than they might outwardly let on. Consider making this part of the photography process as well. It’s almost combatting a stereotype, capturing the men prettying themselves up the way we so frequently think of women doing the same!


Groomsmen, fun photo, of groomsmen playingGroomsmenFun photos of groomsmen playing

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Facial Expressions and the Photographer http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/facial-expressions-and-the-photographer


Facial Expressions and the Photographer

There are two types of people in this world: people who love being in front of the camera, and people who hate it. If you’re anything like me, being in front of the camera makes you nervous, and half of the time you hate the photos once you see them. It can be so frustrating that you just don’t want your photos taken at all. However, special memories with loved ones can’t be replaced. Being able to go back and look at old photos is something that your children and grandchildren will cherish, and it is important that you get pictures taken in order for them to do so. You may ask, “How do I get photos taken without hating the outcome?”

Well, I’m here to help! One of the most common complaints I hear my clients say is, “I don't like my expression in these photos.” Although a photographer can coax a smile or "great expression" out of a client some of the time, there are some things a client can also do to prepare themselves for a great expression. Here are some ways to get the perfect facial expressions that you are hoping for:

One thing you can do is find a photo of you or someone else exemplifying the mood and expression you want to convey. Hold this in your mind and provide it to your photographer. 

Another thing you can do is hold an idea or image in your mind of something that makes you feel relaxed, enamored, or thoughtful, or happy- whatever the emotion/expression you want to display.

Last, practice makes perfect! If you are really struggling to find a comfortable facial expression that you think looks best, try practicing in the mirror! Better yet, take your cell phone out and snap a few photos. Even if you’re not the “selfie” type, you can practice many different facial expressions, and delete the photos afterwards! 


Facial Expressions and the Photographer

Facial Expressions and the Photographer
Modeling picture that documents a great facial expression

Facial Expressions and the Photographer
Facial expressions in this image portray the overall mood of the picture


info@elizphotography.com (Eli Zaturanski Photography) eli zaturanski eliz photography portrait photographer portrait photography http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/facial-expressions-and-the-photographer Fri, 23 Feb 2018 23:15:00 GMT
How to Deal With Smile Fatigue http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/how-to-deal-with-smile-fatigue How to Deal With Smile Fatigue

Whether it comes to attending a special event, receiving an award, or getting family photos taken, we always here that one word: smile. Of course smiling is important when one is being photographed, but after using the muscles in their face for a long time, it can be exhausting. Welcome: Smile Fatigue. 

During events such as weddings, graduations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, family reunions, etc. clients are often smiling throughout the day, for hundreds of photos. It is common for the jaw, lips, and eyes to become fatigued, droopy, and less responsive to the brain's cues over a large amount of time. The worst scenario is getting great photographs that are properly composed and lit, but the client looks exhausted, bored, or sleepy! So what can you do to overcome the battle of smile fatigue? Here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Self Massage - The best way to avoid this is to apply some self-massage in the jaw area, and over one's closed eyes when the camera "isn't looking." This helps your muscles relax and regenerate, allowing you to smile over a longer amount of time.
  2. Mix It Up - Don’t be afraid to change things up. Sometimes alternating between full, toothy smiles, and smaller, subtler smiles can help prevent full-day smile fatigue.
  3. Take Breaks - In order to make each photo perfect, clients tend to smile even when a photograph isn’t being taken. Relaxing one’s face after each photo will reduce the amount of fatigue they experience.
  4. Natural is Better - The best smiles captured are ones that occur naturally. If the client is doing or talking about something they enjoy, their facial expressions will turn out much better in the photos. Not to mention, one great photo is better than 20 photos with forced expressions. 


How to Deal With Smile FatigueEli Zaturanksi Photography_0789Smile fatigue can be worked around by using different variations of smiles.

How to Deal With Smile FatigueEli Zaturanksi Photography_0774Not all smiles require a toothy smile, as pictured here.

How to Deal With Smile FatigueAsaf and Amy-9752Pictured here, a subtle, yet toothy smile is perfect for a headshot or close up!


If you found this post helpful, be sure to share it with someone who might would also find it useful.  And if you'd like to book a session or wedding with me, please do get in touch.  

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Where to Shoot Engagement Photos http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/where-to-shoot-engagement-photos Where to Shoot Engagement Photos

Getting engaged is such an exciting time in your life! Having a fiance to cherish and hold forever is simply one of the most beautiful feelings you experience. Not only is it a wonderful part of life, but having the moments documented by a professional photographer will give you the chance to celebrate that big question that changed your lives for the better.

When it comes to an engagement session, you want it to be one of the most special moments in your life. You want to show your friends, family, and everyone in between the love that you share with your partner. One of the most crucial factors of an engagement session is the location. The location of your engagement photos should be somewhere special, but also somewhere photogenic. A skilled Engagement Photographer like myself (Eli Zaturanski) can adapt to most lighting scenarios, but there are also important things for a client to consider.

First, you should pick somewhere that is special and memorable for you and your partner. This will help bring up fond memories that will be reflected in your facial expressions and body language. It will also make for a wonderful story for your children and grandchildren that will look at the photos several years from now!

Next, it is beneficial to find a place where you can interact with your environment in interesting and playful ways. Posing always works better when there is real emotion/fun behind it. Having fun scenery will also make your pictures a talking piece at your wedding or other family events.

Finally, don’t forget to let loose and have fun. Being romantic on camera can be a little awkward for some, but don’t let yourself feel too uncomfortable. Be yourselves, enjoy your time together, and remember what brought you to this moment.


Where to Shoot Engagement Photos
Engagement photos locations should reflect yours and your husbands personalities.

Where to Shoot Engagement Photos
Noah & Jessica Engagement shoot-8527This engagement shoot was done on the beach. This couple felt relaxed and happy to be here. Where to Shoot Engagement Photos
Noah & Jessica Engagement shoot-8552Many places can exude romance, just like this san francisco beach, pictured here.

f  Where to Shoot Engagement Photos
© Eli Zaturanski ⚗ ⧝ elizphotography.comThis couple wanted a place where they could stroll by the water

info@elizphotography.com (Eli Zaturanski Photography) eli zaturanski eliz photography engagement photographer engagement photography http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/where-to-shoot-engagement-photos Sun, 18 Feb 2018 23:15:00 GMT
How to Prepare for Wedding Photos http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/how-to-prepare-for-wedding-photos How to Prepare for Wedding Photos

Weddings are arguably the best day of your life, and it takes a lot out of you to make it just right. We tend to want our special day to be perfect. The perfect venue, dress, flowers, etc. All of this doesn’t come easy. Let’s face it, you invest a lot of time and energy in preparing for your wedding. It’s a lot of work, and there is nothing more that you want than for it to simply fall into place. Part of this “perfect” day includes a wedding photographer that can document your special moments. Someone that can make your memories last a lifetime.  

A creative and skilled Wedding Photographer like Eli Zaturanski can capture those memories and present them in an elegant way. A way that brings your true love story to life. But what can you do to make sure that you and your spouse-to-be look as beautiful in those photos as possible? Here are a few tips to prepare you for your wedding photos:

Be Basic – Simple and basic preparations can make a world of difference. For example, make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before your shoot to prevent bags under eyes. Getting enough rest will ensure that your face looks fresh, fabulous, and ready for the camera.

Be Clean – Don’t use that rusty old razor laying on the side of your bathtub or sink. In order to get that freshly clean shaven look, buy a new, high quality razor to shave with. Be sure to moisturize afterwards. This will help you get a smooth look that will leave you looking nice and professional for the photos. 

Be Natural – Makeup is an essential for the ladies when it comes to weddings, but it can definitely be overdone. Women, make sure your makeup doesn't make your face look too reflective. This doesn't look flattering in photos. Don’t be afraid to communicate this to your makeup artist. Less is more!


How to Prepare for Wedding PhotosMarcus&Emily-9044_San Francisco City Hall PhotographerBy being natural and yourself, this helps to be able to prepare for your wedding pictures. How to Prepare for Wedding PhotosMarcus&Emily-9051_San Francisco City Hall PhotographerIf you are feeling relaxed, your wedding photos will be perfect.

How to Prepare for Wedding PhotosEli Zaturanski Photography_2923Having your style incorporated with your wedding allows for the natural part of who are to shine through in your pictures. How to Prepare for Wedding PhotosEli Zaturanski Photography_2926Revert back to the basic mantra of feeling a looking good. For example, sleep well the night before your wedding so the pictures look fresh. How to Prepare for Wedding PhotosEli Zaturanski Photography_2929Look clean and fresh. Spend the extras on dry cleaning and a new razor.

Click here if you'd like to contact me for more info on how to book your wedding with me!

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The Art of Slow Walking http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/the-art-of-slow-walking The Art of Slow Walking

Having a professional photographer take photos of your and your family is such an exciting event! These photos are something that you want to cherish forever. However, there is nothing worse than getting photos taken, and being unhappy with the turn out. At Eli Zaturanski photography, the last thing we want is for a client to be unhappy with their experience.

Fortunately for you, we have several tips and tricks that will help for any experience that may pop up. One common problem that most folks struggle with during an engagement or portrait photo shoot is that they move too much and too quickly during a posed "stroll" or even a mock run. People often look awkward when their motion is stopped during a fast walk or trot; there is often too much motion blur, their arms may look funny if they are too high up, their hair is likely to be all over the place, and they are not being mindful of their expressions.

So, at Eli Zaturanski Photography, we have found the perfect solution to this ongoing problem. Rather than going about your session in a way that you would normally behave, we invite you to walk very slowly, even though it may feel weird! Walking in slow motion will help you to be mindful of your expressions and reduce the risk of motion blurs. It will also give you the opportunity to take a look at the beautiful scenery around you. As a result, you will be more relaxed and focused on your appearance.

The Art of Slow Walking
untitled shoot-0116This picture shows how slow walking is important to get a great shot


The Art of Slow Walking
Austin Sacks-3462Slow walking is an art. Here, it appears as if the man is walking, but was done perfectly such that I could get a shot of him with the san francisco bridge in the background

The Art of Slow Walking
untitled shoot-0498This couple is pictured here on the beach. They walked slowly and I was able to get this stunning image


info@elizphotography.com (Eli Zaturanski Photography) eli zaturanski engagement photographer engagement photography portrait photographer portrait photography http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/the-art-of-slow-walking Thu, 15 Feb 2018 23:15:00 GMT
How to Cope with Bright Flashes/Sunlight http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/how-to-cope-with-bright-flashes/sunlight How to Cope with Bright Flashes/Sunlight


Photography: the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface.


Light is a huge factor of capturing great photos. However, it can also make photos turn out less than expected by bothering the client’s eyes. Many people have very sensitive eyes that are overwhelmed by consistent flashes, glare, and bright sunlight. This can result in photos where folks are squinting, or worse, blinking! The last thing anybody wants is for the client to have their eyes closed in all of the photos. Not to mention, the best photos happen when the client is stress-free and comfortable. Bright light sensitivity isn't something to be ashamed of, just something to be aware of and to plan for.

One thing that works very well, I have found, is for the client to get into an established pose, look into the camera lens, and then close one's eyes. Tell your photographer you are doing this, and then have them "count you in" by calling out "3, 2, 1" and then you open your eyes. This simple adjustment will help you to be prepared for the flash, and will minimize the amount of light reflected. 

If the session is taking place outside, try to find a few shady areas. Doorways are great for this, as they allow sunlight in the photo, but a bit of shade on the client. If you are in an area where there is no shade, you can create shade with an umbrella or other prop. Also, looking down or at an angle is a comfortable pose to avoid direct sunlight in the eyes. 

All in all, the best way to avoid bright flashes and sunlight is to be prepared. Think about all the factors, such as location, and create a plan with your photographer! 


How to Cope with Bright Flashes/Sunlight
Life style-0079Bt preparing for the shot and not looking directly at the flash, you will look great when the bright flash flashes in your direction.

How to Cope with Bright Flashes/Sunlight
Adam Rosendahl-0240If you are in full sun, wearing a hat or facing away from the sun will avoid squinty eyes for your pictures.

How to Cope with Bright Flashes/Sunlight
Yaki _ Chen Family-8028Walking away from the sun helped this shot to be what it was.

How to Cope with Bright Flashes/Sunlight
Marcus&Emily-9010_San Francisco City Hall PhotographerSometimes, your photographer may tell you to close your eyes and he/she will count to three. On 3, you will open them for that fresh look.

info@elizphotography.com (Eli Zaturanski Photography) eli zaturanski eliz photography portrait photographer portrait photography http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/how-to-cope-with-bright-flashes/sunlight Thu, 15 Feb 2018 23:15:00 GMT
Bay Bridge - Company Branding Headshot and Culture http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/bay-bridge---company-branding-headshot-and-culture Bay Bridge - Company Branding Headshot and Culture

When it comes to advertising for your company, one of the most critical aspects is making a lasting impression that will leave your future clients intrigued and wanting more. That’s why head shots and company images are so important. Whether you are using it for your company website or your LinkedIn account, this is your chance to make the first impression you need.

To get a good headshot, keep in mind that your appearance represents your brand. Think about your company’s core values, and try to reflect on that in your photo. In order to do so, the right location and the perfect outfit are key components. Pick a location that isn’t too busy, but also has a little personality as well. peerspace.com is a great website if you are in need of location ideas. A wall with a pop of color or maybe an outdoor session would do the trick. Your outfit should reflect your character, so wear something that you feel comfortable, yet professional in. After all, we tend to get nervous for photos, so it’s important that you are wearing something that makes you feel beautiful or handsome. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! Sometimes a professional headshot is all you need, but a non-traditional headshot can be powerful as well. Your future clients may appreciate how relatable and fun you are. 

We recently had the amazing opportunity of working with Bay Bridge Capital Group to capture head shots and company images for them. I was very impressed by these guys, as they had such amazing work ethics. Their communication was excellent, and we were able to make a plan for the session right away. To choose a location, we used peerspace.com. We were able to find the perfect location that fit the company’s style and energy! I loved this team’s willingness to let loose and have fun. We were able to get traditional head shots, as well as some unique company images of them doing what they love - playing in a band, getting into a game of chess, Mardi Gras, and so much more fun photos that will definitely have their clients smiling! I ended up loving these guys so much that I actually ended up using their services for my personal finance planning. They seemed highly trustworthy and experienced, so there was not a doubt in my mind. All in all, we got some amazing photos for the folks over at Bay Bridge. Their website is www.baybridgecg.com if you are interested in looking into their financial services. 


Bay Bridge - Company Branding Headshot and CultureWith the perfect headshot, you can document how your clients view your company Bay Bridge - Company Branding Headshot and Culture
BayBridge-2876_Bay Bridge Head ShotsHaving horizontal images as headshot, it provides negative space for branding or logo placement. Bay Bridge - Company Branding Headshot and CultureBayBridge-2876_Bay Bridge Head ShotsThe culture of your company starts with an amazing headshot Bay Bridge - Company Branding Headshot and Culture
BayBridge-2876_Bay Bridge Head ShotsDocumenting activities at your place of employment provides an easy and relaxed feel to your company Bay Bridge - Company Branding Headshot and CultureBayBridge-2876_Bay Bridge Head ShotsWhen the company in which you work for provides fun portraits on their site, it shows your clients that you are a human and not just someone behind a website Bay Bridge - Company Branding Headshot and CultureBayBridge-2876_Bay Bridge Head ShotsIncluding bold colors, and portraits of your personality, this provides your clientele exactly who you are as a company and its employees.

info@elizphotography.com (Eli Zaturanski Photography) company branding culture head shots http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/bay-bridge---company-branding-headshot-and-culture Tue, 13 Feb 2018 23:02:17 GMT
The Fun of Free Style Photography http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/the-fun-of-free-style-photography The Fun of Free Style Photography

The holidays offer a great opportunity to play around and practice using new equipment or settings on your camera.  There is no pressure to capture that perfect image when you are the photographer in the moment with a group of friends.  They will just be happy to have something tangible that reminds them of the fun time everyone had together and it allows you to have some fun doing what you love, with the people you love.  

I did just this over New Years 2018.  My friends and I had a great time hanging out and sharing the things we love with one another.  Some of us love to cook, others love to sketch or paint, yoga was a fun activity for the participants as well as on lookers.  These activities were a great chance for me to capture images of lifestyle photography as well as food photography.  

Our hikes lent themselves, not only to exploring the beauty of our surroundings but an opportunity for me to capture some gorgeous landscape images and fun candid portraits of my friends.

To capture a beautiful image of any of these moments, it was important to be aware of the lighting from one environment to the next.   Understanding the settings on your camera is also a key element to producing the perfect picture.  Each setting is specific to the way the light interacts with the subject of the image.  Knowing and understanding these settings and the different types of lighting are key to creating a picture worth printing.


San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography San Francisco Friends PhotographyNYE-2018_1373_San Francisco Friends photography

info@elizphotography.com (Eli Zaturanski Photography) friends photography http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/the-fun-of-free-style-photography Fri, 09 Feb 2018 08:00:00 GMT
John Burton 85th birthday Jubilee's- Advocates for Foster Youth http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/john-burton-85th-birthday-jubilees--advocates-for-foster-youth John Burton 85th Birthday Jubilee's - Advocates for Foster Youth

John Burton, the prior chair of the California Democratic Party, celebrated his 85th birthday at the Fairmont Hotel the other night, and wow, what a fantastic time it was. Burton has done it all - congressman, assemblyman, Democratic chairman, and state senate leader. This incredible man is known for his epic role in politics, and was celebrated by a large crowd of supporting people. 

There were many familiar faces in the crowd, including lovely Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is serving as the minority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, and has made quite the impact herself. Willie Brown, politician, came to show his support for the congressman, and so did DL Hugheley, a political commentator. 

There were many speakers that showed their attendance in support of Burton. The room was filled with pride, passion, and laughter, as these people made many remarks about the successes of John Burton. He was known for his quick wit, sharp political instincts, and his endless charm. It was apparent that he had many supporters and countless friends in attendance.

The birthday party was a non profit event where all the proceeds will go to John Burton Advocates for Youth. This organization was founded by John Burton himself, with a goal to improve the quality of life for California’s foster, former foster, and homeless youth. This non-profit party truly speaks character of Burton, as he is not only a politician, but a servant for the people. If you are inspired by the efforts of Burton to help the youth of America, please donate to his non-profit organization by clicking this link http://www.jbaforyouth.org

Burton’s birthday celebrations are always quite successful, leaving guests interested and excited about future celebrations. Happy birthday to this hard working and successful man. May he have a blessed new year. 


San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography San Francisco Event PhotographyJBFY-Birthday-1815_San Francisco Event Photography

info@elizphotography.com (Eli Zaturanski Photography) event photography non profit professional http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/john-burton-85th-birthday-jubilees--advocates-for-foster-youth Wed, 07 Feb 2018 19:52:55 GMT
Artist Personal Branding Photography Session http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/2/artist-personal-branding-photography-session Artist Personal Branding Photography Session

Damon was in need of a personal branding photography session to capture images for updating his social media and website to promote his art work. He is a metal sculptor.  It was really fun to see him in his element because he is such an awesome guy with passion for his work.  His sculptures have such a unique touch to them which I found so incredibly intriguing.  

I was excited to share my passion with him when he contacted me to document his personality in updated head shots.  I liked that he expressed himself with his personal style through his outfit.  His checked button down, jacket and newsboy cap had a certain flair to them that not everyone could pull off but totally worked for Damon.  

This gives someone that happens upon his pages to feel connected to him and like they know him before ever meeting him in person.  We also captured images of him working on some pieces in his studio.  It was great to see his process and capture it for him to be able to share on his sites.  From sketching and designing to actually manipulating the metal, this process was fascinating and sure to give anyone who owns any of his work the ability to have even more of a connection to their piece because they can see the time and love that goes into each one. 


Damon-0197Damon-0197Zaturanski Photography Damon-0205Damon-0205Zaturanski Photography

Damon-0271Damon-0271Zaturanski Photography

Damon-0292Damon-0292Zaturanski Photography

Damon-0307Damon-0307Zaturanski Photography

Damon-0330Damon-0330Zaturanski Photography Damon-0338Damon-0338Zaturanski Photography Damon-0356Damon-0356Zaturanski Photography

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Importance and Beauty of Wedding Albums http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/1/importance-and-beauty-of-wedding-albums Importance and Beauty of Wedding Albums

Getting married is a time in our lives that we want to remember forever. A time that we cherish. Memories that we want to share with our children and our children’s children. There’s no better way to cherish these moments than by having a photographer capture them for you. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s true. Photos of your special day are something that will last a lifetime. 

I remember as a child I would go to my grandparents’ house and get out the dusty old albums from the attic. My siblings and I would laugh hysterically when we would see old photos of ourselves and our parents. We would smile and sometimes cry at the pictures of our loved ones that had already passed. Those albums may have been dusty and old, but they were (and still are) such a treasure to my family. I find albums to be the most tangible and accessible way to relive those special moments. 

Your wedding day is a day that you won’t want to forget, and documenting those sweet memories in an album is a must. Unlike a computer, there won’t be any technical problems, distracting sounds, or ads. There’s no need for electricity, so if the power goes out, you can light a candle and still relive the moments. Sitting with an album ready at the cafe table or in the living room will allow you experience that special day over and over. There’s nothing more beautiful than looking at your wedding album with your loved one by the candle light and with a glass of wine in hand. 

At Eli Zaturanski Photography, our albums are made with true craft makers, equipped with thick, heavy paper and printed on a professional photography paper using archival pigment colors and museum quality. If you are interested in an album for your special day, we’d love to chat with you! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Album optionsAlbum options IMG_6155IMG_6155Wedding Albums photography IMG_6156IMG_6156 IMG_6157IMG_6157 Wedding Album examples
IMG_6158Wedding Album examples IMG_6161IMG_6161 IMG_6162IMG_6162 IMG_6163IMG_6163 IMG_7919IMG_7919

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Karen Hill Tribe - Traveling Photography http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/1/karen-hill-tribe---traveling-photography Karen Hill Tribe - Traveling Photography

One of the greatest things about my profession is the ability to travel the world.  Traveling Photography allows an opportunity for others to share in an experience from across the world.  It has the ability to open people’s eyes to events happening on the other side of the world.  It is such a blessing to be able to see and experience so many places and capture authentic photos.  

On this trip, I was traveling with Adam, who leads lateniteart.com, whose purpose is connect people through creativity.  Also traveling with us was Zaq, who was sharing the love of yoga with those on our travels.  We were visiting the Karen Hill Tribe near Mae Hong Son, Thailand’s province.  I met Coleen, the founder of the NGO, Kleo.  Kleo is a non profit, 100% volunteer run organization focused on providing educational and humanitarian support to Karen refugees in Ottawa, Canada and disadvantaged Karen communities in North West Thailand.  

Despite families having lived in the same villages for over 100 years many of the Karen Tribe are unable to obtain titles to their land and obtain citizenship.  Without citizenship they are ineligible to enroll in school, welfare or healthcare  and unable to vote or run for office.  Despite all that, the children we met were friendly and happy.  We had the opportunity to connect with them and play.  The portraits that I captured show that despite their situation they feel lucky to have the little that they do.  




Thailand-0705Thailand-0705 Thailand-0728Thailand-0728 Thailand-0729Thailand-0729 Thailand-0744Thailand-0744 Thailand-0749Thailand-0749 Thailand-0783Thailand-0783







Thailand-0809Thailand-0809 Thailand-0832Thailand-0832 Thailand-0834Thailand-0834



info@elizphotography.com (Eli Zaturanski Photography) traveling photos visiting the karen hill tribe in northern thailand near mae hong son http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/1/karen-hill-tribe---traveling-photography Fri, 26 Jan 2018 02:00:00 GMT
What does it mean to photograph a Bat Mitzvah? http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/1/what-does-it-mean-to-photograph-a-bat-mitzvah What does it mean to photograph a Bat Mitzvah?

Whether Bar or Bat Mitzvah the celebration of the B’nai Mitzvah is a crucial rite of passage and an incredible Jewish ritual.  It is cause for celebration in the community.  Do, as a Jewish Photographer it is important to capture all of the layers that this day includes.  This day is a right of passage.  It is a momentous moment for the families where the children come of age and take ownership of building their very own lives.  This day includes the entire community celebrating the individual with their family members.  It is a joyous and energetic occasion filled with life, love and laughter. 

Not only are Bat Mitzvah's a celebration (and should be treated as such) they also were intended to document the young person and who they are.  This is where a range of emotions show (love, celebration, respect for the ceremony) and, most importantly, shining light on the personality of the person in which the Bat Mitzvah is being thrown.  Some may be shy and some may be extroverted.  Whichever is the case, it is our job to document what it is that they are!  From the dances, how they show up to the ceremony, conversations and quiet whispers between them and their friends, getting ready, etc.  There's a multitude of moments that can be documented if you just look. :) 

When documenting a Bat Mitzvah, it's our responsibility to make it easy, playful, and comfortable.

How should a photographer go about documenting this ceremony?  

•The Ceremony
Document the space that the ceremony is taking place in.  Be sure to capture images of the ritual itself and all of the different parts that it includes, and the person being Bat Mitzvahed performing the different elements of the ceremony.
•The Party
Capture the venue, the decor, and any special moments throughout the night that highlight the guest of honor.  On the dance floor, whispering with friends and family are great moments to capture these candid moments.
•Throughout the day
Snap images of the honoree with family and friends on their big day.  The love and joy for the guests and the respect for the day will shine through.  Be sure not to miss these intimate and candid interactions.  A great ceremony photographer can capture the excitement and shining personality of even the shyest subjects.
To book your Bat Mitzvah, or if you'd like guidance on how to document a Bat Mitzvah, I'd love to hear from you!
Bat Mitzvah Party-7340Bat Mitzvah Party-7340 Bat Mitzvah Party-7442Bat Mitzvah Party-7442 Bat Mitzvah Party-7456Bat Mitzvah Party-7456 Bat Mitzvah Party-7464Bat Mitzvah Party-7464 Liliana Bat Mityzvah-1787Liliana Bat Mityzvah-1787Zaturanski Photography Lily Synagouge-8615Lily Synagouge-8615 Lily Synagouge-8681Lily Synagouge-8681 Lily Synagouge-8711Lily Synagouge-8711 Noah Bar Mitzvah-0515Noah Bar Mitzvah-0515 Noah Bar Mitzvah-9995Noah Bar Mitzvah-9995 Noah Bar-Mitzvah-2117Noah Bar-Mitzvah-2117 Synagouge-6344Synagouge-6344 Liliana Bat Mityzvah-1787Liliana Bat Mityzvah-1787Zaturanski Photography
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How to Release Your Book With (Photography) Style http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/1/how-to-release-your-book-with-photography-style How to Release Your Book With (Photography) Style

I was so excited to play a role in this book release for The New Feminine Evolutionary by Jane S. Ashley. I knew that capturing this moment with professional photos would make her work shine. Book releases are important to all author’s careers, but especially for female authors. This book release brought her written work to life with the interactive and beautiful readings by other women. The goal of this book release was to make the celebration professional and fun, and it is clear in each image that we achieved that goal.

This book release was a spiritual and emotional experience for everyone in the room as each person connected with one another. As each woman read aloud passages from the book, you could hear a pen drop; everyone was so intrigued by every word. The involvement with this book release party was captivating and unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Everyone had a sense of power and strength as they spoke with one another. I know that Jane S. Ashley felt proud as she signed each book and gave out copies to everyone. It was an honor to capture these memories for her, and I hope to get the opportunity to work with her again as she builds her career.

Visit Jane's Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/janescottashley?fref=search

And to view the images from this book release, keep scrolling below!

Feminine-8139_San Francisco book releaseFeminine-8139_San Francisco book release Feminine-8173_San Francisco book releaseFeminine-8173_San Francisco book release Feminine-8177_San Francisco book releaseFeminine-8177_San Francisco book release Feminine-8183_San Francisco book releaseFeminine-8183_San Francisco book release Feminine-8198_San Francisco book releaseFeminine-8198_San Francisco book release Feminine-8250_San Francisco book releaseFeminine-8250_San Francisco book release Feminine-8355_San Francisco book releaseFeminine-8355_San Francisco book release Feminine-8383_San Francisco book releaseFeminine-8383_San Francisco book release Feminine-8437_San Francisco book releaseFeminine-8437_San Francisco book release Feminine-8478_San Francisco book releaseFeminine-8478_San Francisco book release Feminine-8608_San Francisco book releaseFeminine-8608_San Francisco book release

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Exploring the Grace of Black and White Pictures http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/1/exploring-the-grace-of-black-and-white-pictures Exploring the Grace of Black and White Pictures

Black and white pictures tend to have a vintage feel, but that is not the only thing that they have to offer; they are also a special tool used in photography in order to enhance the meaning behind each image. In these images, you can play with light and use to create vignettes, silhouettes, and enhance the overall feel of the photos, and opportunity to take in the space.

Black and white images help enhance the emotions of the beautiful people being clicked. With the variety of color gone, all we are left with is the subject and their experience in the moment. It makes for special pictures without any distractions. It is breathtaking to view a black and white photo of a special occasion because your eyes will focus in on the most important subject.

These images make for a more artistic an aesthetic compositions, so if you are looking for a timeless feel, then our black and white shots are the way to go. Robert Adams wrote: "Art like philosophy it abstracts. Art simplifies. It is never exactly equal to life. In the visual arts, this careful sorting out in favor of order is called composition, and most artists know its primacy. Art takes liberties, then, to reveal shape." Black and White helps to show off the compositional elements without the distraction of color.

To book a session, get in touch with Eli! Keep scrolling to view some of our favorites!

1960760_613398465416286_2108350807_o1960760_613398465416286_2108350807_o 13996032_1082847268471401_7753058394048575793_o13996032_1082847268471401_7753058394048575793_o 16707323_1257105787712214_2649604763913489359_o16707323_1257105787712214_2649604763913489359_o 17757505_1320041158085343_826618866233209576_n17757505_1320041158085343_826618866233209576_n 20901594_1440354629387328_8436556118691644697_o20901594_1440354629387328_8436556118691644697_o 22496115_1495323500557107_3678333479391634615_o22496115_1495323500557107_3678333479391634615_o 22548935_1498335540255903_2586912247740983582_o22548935_1498335540255903_2586912247740983582_o

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Look how we've captured nature's timelessness! http://www.elizphotography.com/blog/2018/1/look-how-weve-captured-nature-s-timelessness Look how we've captured nature's timelessness!

Nature holds so many mysteries and all sorts of unexplainable beauty.  To capture that in still images by being in the right place at the right time as a nature photographer is magical.  The moments in which I am able to capture images that only last for moments in front of our eyes, in a forever image is an amazing feeling.  

There is nothing like the pure beauty found in nature.  The sun casting its rays down on the earth, new life learning to walk for the first time, the vibrant colors that you can only find in a sunset; all of these things are occupancies that happen frequently but each time there is a uniqueness to the event.  It is a blessing to be able to take pause and appreciate these moments when capturing them.  

There are many gorgeous places to explore nature and Bay Area Nature Photography.  We love to find beautiful natural niches to capture our clients in during their outdoor sessions.  The natural light and colors you find in an outdoor setting are impossible to replicate.  When looking to schedule as session with the Best Photographer Near Me, keep us in mind for a gorgeous natural setting session.  

Whether capturing nature in all of its glory on its own or featuring clients in the foreground it has so much beauty to offer.

858706_626430040779795_2731209882321594379_o858706_626430040779795_2731209882321594379_o 10298418_630600197029446_2217072903099721515_o10298418_630600197029446_2217072903099721515_o 10339309_651340764955389_2606975243692416022_o10339309_651340764955389_2606975243692416022_o 10369084_651340721622060_501752252505286091_o10369084_651340721622060_501752252505286091_o 10661648_717410015015130_5670350424011381756_o10661648_717410015015130_5670350424011381756_o 20901330_1439892629433528_8194553964163693015_o20901330_1439892629433528_8194553964163693015_o 21762502_1472506506172140_1104104753098821951_o21762502_1472506506172140_1104104753098821951_o

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