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Kevin and Laila: A Love Story

Wedding planning is such a fun time for couples! There are endless venues, color palettes, and themes to choose from. Floral arrangements, table linens, and event favors galore. But above and beyond the event itself, the most important thing is the vows you take and the promise to be there for each other through the ups and downs of life from here on out.

Kevin and Laila are in the throes of planning their upcoming wedding. But before that big day comes, it was time to take some engagement photos! Kevin is a film producer, and Laila a teacher- and their life is one perfectly scripted together! Wanting to celebrate their love with engagement photos in nature, we opted for the lush foliage of Tilden Park in Berkeley. Nestled near the brook and the Lake Anza lake, there is no shortage of beautiful green trees and brush in this park. It offered the perfect backdrop to this sweet couple's beaming faces and contagious laughter.

It was an honor to witness Kevin and Laila's authentic joy and love for one another during their engagement session, and I know it will carry them through many wonderful years of marriage. The date will get set, the venue and arrangements chosen, and I'm sure their wedding day will go off without a hitch- but what truly matters is the love and commitment for one another.. And it's clear as the California skies that these two have got it!

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