San Francisco Engagement in Field Holding Hands with Wedding RingsSan Francisco Engagement in Field Holding Hands with Wedding RingsA couple holds hands with their new wedding rings in Tilden Park in Berkeley, California.

An artistic engagement and wedding proposal taken with candid and playful approach San Francisco Bay Area.

What do you envision when you pop the question? I care to know you and to learn how I can make your marriage proposal a magical, vivid treasure through harmonious photography. I work meticulously with my clients to make sure that all of the details are covered -- there is no detail or fleeting moment too small to cherish! My intention is to create a elegant storybook full of texture and style, so that you will have a beautiful sweet memory of the most personal engagement you ever made, leading to the special moments of your wedding for years to come. Write us here or call at 415-702-0354

“The sweetest Eli made me slowly forget all about my concerns, he made me forget about the camera, got me to concentrate on my beautiful fiancé, helped me calm down and made me laugh through it... I was on different planet, thank you so much :)” -- A.A., Berkeley, CA