Eli Zaturanski Photography | How to Capture the Magic of City Hall Weddings in San Francisco

How to Capture the Magic of City Hall Weddings in San Francisco

November 29, 2017  •  1 Comment

How to Capture the Magic of City Hall Weddings in San Francisco

Weddings are magical milestones in a couple’s life.  For some couples, celebrating that time in their lives means a large and lavish celebration.  For others, it means celebrating in a more simple and private manner.  However you decide to commemorate your commitment, documenting the occasion with a professional photographer is a must.

For those looking for simple nuptials, the San Francisco City Hall is a beautiful and historic location.  This space offers tons of great places to take gorgeous images on your special day.  
•The Arches- These grand archways make for images that cannot be replicated in any other venue.  The architecture of San Francisco City Hall is magnificent.
•The Pillars- the pillars are wonders to view as well and a great metaphor for marriage.  They stand strong and sturdy, supporting that which is around them through whatever they encounter.
•Windows- All the best wedding photographers will rave about oversized windows in City Hall that allow incredible natural light to flow through the space. 
•The domes, casting light down over a happy couple make for magical images.
There are spots throughout City Hall that feature these elements as well as some privacy.  This is nice for a bride and groom as well as their guests to be able to remove themselves from the other hustle and bustle and onlookers.  It allows everyone to be more relaxed and for a photographer to capture those more intimate and candid moments.  Weddings are all about interactions, so hiring a professional that can anticipate those interactions is a must. 

And need us not forget our guests and family members.  Some may even be more comfortable in front of the camera without the hustle, bustle and large crowds that a big wedding can bring.
As a City Hall Photographer, have fun with the grandeur of the surroundings; the gorgeous architecture, elaborate carvings, and stunning staircase.  But most importantly, do not forget to relish in the beginning of your lives as you embark on the journey to become one. 
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