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What to Wear for your Headshot

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What to Wear for your Headshot



You've made the great career decision to have your headshots professionally done, now the all important issue of what to wear? The first and foremost thing to consider would be your profession. Obviously, a corporate attorney would want to portray a more high end, tailored, and polished look; while a personal trainer would most likely want to highlight their physical attributes with a more athletic wardrobe. Young professionals, while maintaining professionalism, might want to incorporate more hip and edgy pieces to their look. Also, clients that are uniformed, such as nurses, doctors, law enforcement, etc. may want to consider having shots taken in their uniforms.

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 No matter your line of work, Eli Zaturanski can give you professional, unique, high quality headshots using his vast array of photography supplies, including photography lighting and backdrops. As a local photographer, he has a very diverse portfolio, which can be found using "Berkeley Photos" or "Oakland Photos" in your search terms. He takes the time to get a feel for what you are looking for to advance your career, and tailors the portraits to give you the perfect headshots you are looking for.


Portrait with a hatPortrait with a hatMan with a classic hat in a photo portrait. Zaturanski Photography - headshotZaturanski Photography - headshotZaturanski Photography. Presidio Terrace head shot outdoors Zaturanski Photography - cute asian woman with violin tinder picZaturanski Photography - cute asian woman with violin tinder picZaturanski Photography


If you would like more information on scheduling your professional headshot portraits, please visit Elis website. He would love to work with you to get the perfect portraits.


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