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Albany Bulb Maternity Photographer | Ally and Jon

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A Sunset Maternity Experience

What a blessing babies are! The journey through pregnancy, and the welcoming of new life. It's a gentle reminder of how precious life is, a time to embrace change, and and a reminder to soak in every little moment because it all goes so fast.

Ally and Jon came to me for a maternity shoot recently, and a beautiful beach in San Francisco was the perfect setting to showcase the gorgeous parents-to-be. Walking hand in hand down the gravel path, they were united and ready to embark on this new journey together. They shared some loving embraces, tender kisses, and sweet affection for the baby within the womb who will join their family very soon. The setting sun lent the perfect light as I captured portraits of the beautiful couple together in this fleeting time.

Before they know it, Ally and Jon will be a family of three, and they'll have a whole new love to celebrate! The waves crashing in the background emanated peace and stillness, while offering a stark reminder of the journey that lies ahead. As the sand washed away, and the sun dipped below the water, another day comes to an end. Another day where time escaped too fast, another day closer to meeting their new bundle of joy, another day tucked away in the sands of time... And when that new life graces these sweet parents, they will see with a whole new clarity just how fast it goes.
Eli Zaturanksi Photography_0764Man and woman holding hands in Albany BulbZaturanski Photography near the bay Eli Zaturanksi Photography_0765Pregnant couple at the beach.Zaturanski Photography in North Berkeley. Eli Zaturanksi Photography_0766Man holding woman's belly on the beach.Zaturanski Photography. Pregnancy photo on beach in Berkeley. Eli Zaturanksi Photography_0767Eli Zaturanksi Photography. Sunset, Berkeley, CAZaturanski Photography. Sunset photo at the Berkeley Bulb Eli Zaturanksi Photography_0768Eli Zaturanksi Photography. Sunset tree married couple.Zaturanski Photography. Married Couple in Berkeley California Photo. Eli Zaturanksi Photography_0769Eli Zaturanksi Photography Wedding Photo.Zaturanski Photography. Man Listening to his baby in belly near San Francisco Bay. Eli Zaturanksi Photography_0770Eli Zaturanksi Photography. Berkeley California PhotographerZaturanski Photography. Baby pregnancy photos in Berkeley, CA> Eli Zaturanksi Photography_0773Eli Zaturanksi Photography_0773Zaturanski Photography. sunset Berkeley Beach. Near San Francisco Bay. Eli Zaturanksi Photography_0775Eli Zaturanksi Photography. San Francisco Bar Area.Zaturanski Photography. Couple holding each other

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