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Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah Photography | Coming of Age in the Berkeley Jewish Community

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Coming of Age in the Jewish Community

Growing up, there are different ways people mark the coming of age. You may consider adulthood by whatever coincides with the law, or you may have cultural or religious traditions that dictate when a child crosses over into adulthood. In the Jewish community, Bnei Mitzvahs are celebrated at the age of 13, which signifies the beginning of a young child's own responsibility for their actions. It is always such a wonderful time capturing Bat Mitzvah photography and Bar Mitzvah photography for the Bay Area Berkeley Jewish community.

Congratulations Elan! Capturing your Bar Mitzvah was a joy!bar mitzvah photographyCapturing memories of Elan's Bar Mitzvah

No longer are the parents accountable for upholding the traditions, morals, and ethics for their young son or daughter; the Bnei Mitzvah is now able to participate in all areas of the Jewish community as an equal.

Just look at how proud Liliana's parents look at her Bat Mityzvah!bat mitzvah photographyLilliana's Bat Mitzvah memories captured by Eli Zaturanski.

Adam and Jack recently celebrated becoming Bar Mitzvahs within their community. They began the ceremony at their synagogue, where their family, Rabbi, and leaders witnessed their hard work in preparation for this day. They each read from the Torah, where they showcased their knowledge of the Hebrew language.

What a fun time we had at Lucas' Bar Mitzvah.bar mitzvah photographyLook at how much fun we had at Lucas' Bar Mitzvah!

Their family was incredibly proud of the young men and their transition into adulthood. Later that evening, there was a party for Adam and Jack. Friends and loved ones piled into the reception hall for a night of games, dancing, and celebration. 

What an honor it was being their Bar Mitzvah photographer.Bay Area Berkeley Jewish communityBeing able to capture memories for the Bay Area Berkeley Jewish community is such an honor!

Even though they became adults within their community, the party was all about having fun and being carefree. There wasn't a single person sitting on the sidelines when it came time to dance.

Congratulations Noah! What a huge step in your life.Bar MitzvahPhotographing Noah's Bar Mitzvah milestone was an incredible honor.

It was a full on festival marking the Bnei Mitzvah and their hard work and dedication to their community. As the chairs were lifted above the crowd of dancing partygoers, and the boys' faces beamed with pride, it was truly an honor to capture the joy in the room that night. Mazel Tov!

Just look at how much fun we had at this Bar Mitzvah!Bar Mitzvah photographyWhat fun everyone had dancing the night away during this Bar Mitzvah!

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