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How to Land a Job in San Francisco

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The job market is very competitive right now, both in startups to established tech companies. San Francisco is no exception. You need all the help you can get to compete in the job market in San Francisco. Use these techniques to land your dream SF Job. 

1. Jobs in tech come in a lot of flavors, but most follow along the lines of sales, marketing, design and programming - especially for startups. When going after a job, be really specific about the job. Learn as much as you possibly can about the position. 

a. Marketing- Be able to build chemistry between a company and consumer.  Have a strong ability to research, strategize and build effective campaigns. Are you a master of psychology and crossing off to-do lists...then this is the right option for you.
b. Sales- Sales is the backbone of revenue generation for most Silicon Valley companies.  Learn some good sales techniques like SPIN selling and you will be off to the races. Knowing the skills and having a track record of success makes you highly sought after. 
c. Design- Be able to empathize with your client and deliver a quality product.  Get to know them, their problems and how to design your products effectively to meet their precise needs.
d. Programming- Analytical mindsets are extremely helpful with this one. Engineering is the core of any tech business, so if you can deliver, people will call you for work. Get ready to be hunted by recruiters.
e. Get really specific about the sub skill set you want to master


After you know the major category, then specialize deeply into the sub category of skills. Early stage companies love generalists. The older a company gets and more sophisticated it becomes, the more they are going to want you to specialize. So make a few guesses about the sub categories you want to go after, then go on LinkedIn to find people who do those jobs and get to know them. You will learn all you need from these people. After that, get out there and practice. Nothing says hirability like experience.

Tips to Help Secure Your Dream Positionhow to get a job in san franciscoEver wondered how to get a job in San Francisco? Headshots are the key!

2. Take a course on Udacity to get a nano degree in the field you want to work in. 

          These courses are often quite affordable. Having a nano-degree will allow you to shine above people in similar seniority levels as you. Getting extra skills helps you fill in gaps in your skillset.

Tips to Help Secure Your Dream Positionlinkedin headshotA personal Linked-In headshot is a great way to help secure your dream position.

3. Create profiles on the major sites.  You will want to include photos, a head shot, a list of accomplishments, past positions and experience and references on each site. Each one has their own idiosyncrasies. Learn what each site requires and get to work. If you lay the ground work with good SEO in your site, you will have recruiters knocking down your door to find you and recruit you. Companies are always starving for "talent."

a. LinkedIn
b. Angel.co
c. Hired.com

Tips to Help Secure Your Dream Positionlinkedin headshotsCreative and unique portraits used for LinkedIn Headshots are great ways to stand out above the rest.

4. Write your accomplishments and the techniques you used to achieve them in your profiles in an organized way.

The easier it is for your potential employers to read your profiles, the more likely they are to have a conversation with you.

Tips to Help Secure Your Dream Positionlinkedin headshotsUsing bold backdrops for your LinkedIn Headshots is a great trick to stand out.

5. Have an excellent headshot that portrays you and your personal brand.

This isn't a small step. Your Facebook photo or Instagram pic isn't going to cut it here. Your photo needs to tell a story. It needs to tell the story of you. There is a reason Tinder is so popular.  In this case, you can judge a book by its cover. You want that story to say: I am confident, have personality, am trustworthy and get stuff done. You can count on me. Does your photo say that? If not, you need to upgrade your professional headshot and make a good impression.

Tips to Help Secure Your Dream Positionlinkedin headshots in san franciscoA great smile is a wonderful tool to use for your LinkedIn headshots.

6. Find a mentor and offer to do a free or low paid internship under them to gain experience.

This will give you much needed experience for your resume. How does a person start their career? Often by doing free work. Yeah, it sucks, but it pads your resume and makes you look like you can do the job that you want to get into. People are often willing to give internships to helpful candidates. Then they often hire their interns... Added bonus don't you think?


Tips to Help Secure Your Dream Positionget a job in san franciscoGreat headshots are a surefire way to get a job in San Francisco.

7. Cold email 50 people in your field on LinkedIn for advice.

Now that your profiles look good and your skills are up to date, its time to go build your network with people that can help you throughout your career. In this case one of the easiest ways to do this is to reach out to people more senior to you and ask for their advice. These are relationships you will have for the rest of your career.  People love to help. So get them to help you. It makes them feel good and helps you get on your feet. Its not just advice. Its connections, its filling in skill gaps, it them straight up hiring you. Sounds easy right? It is. 

a. Reach back out to those people after applying their advice and tell them. They will really respect you after you do this.
b. Write a resume and ask for their advice on it
c. Show off what you did in an internship

Tips to Help Secure Your Dream Positionget a job in san franciscoMake sure to do everything you can to help get a job in San Francisco, by using professional portraiture.

8. Ask for a job!

Some of these mentors will know people who are hiring, they may even be hiring themselves. Ask them if they know anybody that is hiring for "this kind of work."  They will often say "you know what, I am, would you like to come interview?"  


That's how you get a job in San Francisco. 


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