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A Bride's Journey

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A Bride's Journey

Saying "I do" to the person you choose to spend forever with is one of the most exciting days of a bride's life. There are so many important moments in that single day that as a photographer I always try to capture and convey in photos. From lacing up the gown, to the first kiss, to all the fun shared between her bridesmaids and everything in between, a bride's journey is so incredibly special.

As a photographer, there's a fine line between being the "fly on the wall" letting moments happen organically, and stepping in to direct or reenact certain poses throughout the day. With everything going on, it's common for a bride to be nervous and anxious about how the day will go.

I try to capture the true feelings of the moment, while also calming any fears and getting the bride to a point of being comfortable and relaxed before walking down the aisle. Quick tears with mom while getting dressed, followed by a toast or goofing off with her best girlfriends is often all it takes to help the bride relax and calm her nerves.

A lot of times doing a "first look" with the groom beforehand also helps to simmer down the building anticipation before meeting at the altar, and it also gives a chance for more photos overall. From laughter to tears, happiness, sadness, joy, and anticipation, there is no shortage of emotions for a bride on the day of her wedding. As a San Francisco wedding photographer, I enjoy having the privilege of capturing all the timeless moments that really convey the journey of a bride as she embarks on one of the most exciting days of her life.

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