Eli Zaturanski Photography | A Sneak Peak into one of our Creative Projects

A Sneak Peak into one of our Creative Projects

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A Sneak Peak into one of our Creative Projects

Burning Man offers an environment for the free spirit to fully express themselves among others that share the creative lifestyle.  This annual gathering at Black Rock Desert in Nevada is an experiment in community and art.  The freedom for people to be unique and express themselves freely is such an incredible experience for a creative photographer from San Francisco.  It allows for all types of images; creative portraits, art photography, nature photography.  

Burning Man Photography offers such a brilliant and vibrant array of images.  The experiment in community and art was filled with colors, textures and personalities.  The all inclusive environment is guided by ten principles that are meant to evoke and maintain the cultural ethos that the experience offers.

As an East Bay Photographer the playa was a magical experience.  The ability to share and be a part of the talents and self-expression is a beautiful thing and capture images of that is a gift I am pleased to possess.  Without experiencing it for yourself it is hard to explain, but I believe the images do a good job of conveying Burning Man.  It is a city of magic and whirlwind creativity.  This melting pot of cultures, community and dreams is one of a kind. 

Here is a unique look at the people and larger than life art that makes Burning Man one of the largest, most sought after, creative pilgrimages for the world.


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