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What does it mean to photograph a Bat Mitzvah?

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What does it mean to photograph a Bat Mitzvah?

Whether Bar or Bat Mitzvah the celebration of the B’nai Mitzvah is a crucial rite of passage and an incredible Jewish ritual.  It is cause for celebration in the community.  Do, as a Jewish Photographer it is important to capture all of the layers that this day includes.  This day is a right of passage.  It is a momentous moment for the families where the children come of age and take ownership of building their very own lives.  This day includes the entire community celebrating the individual with their family members.  It is a joyous and energetic occasion filled with life, love and laughter. 

Not only are Bat Mitzvah's a celebration (and should be treated as such) they also were intended to document the young person and who they are.  This is where a range of emotions show (love, celebration, respect for the ceremony) and, most importantly, shining light on the personality of the person in which the Bat Mitzvah is being thrown.  Some may be shy and some may be extroverted.  Whichever is the case, it is our job to document what it is that they are!  From the dances, how they show up to the ceremony, conversations and quiet whispers between them and their friends, getting ready, etc.  There's a multitude of moments that can be documented if you just look. :) 

When documenting a Bat Mitzvah, it's our responsibility to make it easy, playful, and comfortable.

How should a photographer go about documenting this ceremony?  

•The Ceremony
Document the space that the ceremony is taking place in.  Be sure to capture images of the ritual itself and all of the different parts that it includes, and the person being Bat Mitzvahed performing the different elements of the ceremony.
•The Party
Capture the venue, the decor, and any special moments throughout the night that highlight the guest of honor.  On the dance floor, whispering with friends and family are great moments to capture these candid moments.
•Throughout the day
Snap images of the honoree with family and friends on their big day.  The love and joy for the guests and the respect for the day will shine through.  Be sure not to miss these intimate and candid interactions.  A great ceremony photographer can capture the excitement and shining personality of even the shyest subjects.
To book your Bat Mitzvah, or if you'd like guidance on how to document a Bat Mitzvah, I'd love to hear from you!
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