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How to Prepare for Wedding Photos

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How to Prepare for Wedding Photos

Weddings are arguably the best day of your life, and it takes a lot out of you to make it just right. We tend to want our special day to be perfect. The perfect venue, dress, flowers, etc. All of this doesn’t come easy. Let’s face it, you invest a lot of time and energy in preparing for your wedding. It’s a lot of work, and there is nothing more that you want than for it to simply fall into place. Part of this “perfect” day includes a wedding photographer that can document your special moments. Someone that can make your memories last a lifetime.  

A creative and skilled Wedding Photographer like Eli Zaturanski can capture those memories and present them in an elegant way. A way that brings your true love story to life. But what can you do to make sure that you and your spouse-to-be look as beautiful in those photos as possible? Here are a few tips to prepare you for your wedding photos:

Be Basic – Simple and basic preparations can make a world of difference. For example, make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before your shoot to prevent bags under eyes. Getting enough rest will ensure that your face looks fresh, fabulous, and ready for the camera.

Be Clean – Don’t use that rusty old razor laying on the side of your bathtub or sink. In order to get that freshly clean shaven look, buy a new, high quality razor to shave with. Be sure to moisturize afterwards. This will help you get a smooth look that will leave you looking nice and professional for the photos. 

Be Natural – Makeup is an essential for the ladies when it comes to weddings, but it can definitely be overdone. Women, make sure your makeup doesn't make your face look too reflective. This doesn't look flattering in photos. Don’t be afraid to communicate this to your makeup artist. Less is more!


How to Prepare for Wedding PhotosMarcus&Emily-9044_San Francisco City Hall PhotographerBy being natural and yourself, this helps to be able to prepare for your wedding pictures. How to Prepare for Wedding PhotosMarcus&Emily-9051_San Francisco City Hall PhotographerIf you are feeling relaxed, your wedding photos will be perfect.

How to Prepare for Wedding PhotosEli Zaturanski Photography_2923Having your style incorporated with your wedding allows for the natural part of who are to shine through in your pictures. How to Prepare for Wedding PhotosEli Zaturanski Photography_2926Revert back to the basic mantra of feeling a looking good. For example, sleep well the night before your wedding so the pictures look fresh. How to Prepare for Wedding PhotosEli Zaturanski Photography_2929Look clean and fresh. Spend the extras on dry cleaning and a new razor.

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