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Where to Shoot Engagement Photos

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Where to Shoot Engagement Photos

Getting engaged is such an exciting time in your life! Having a fiance to cherish and hold forever is simply one of the most beautiful feelings you experience. Not only is it a wonderful part of life, but having the moments documented by a professional photographer will give you the chance to celebrate that big question that changed your lives for the better.

When it comes to an engagement session, you want it to be one of the most special moments in your life. You want to show your friends, family, and everyone in between the love that you share with your partner. One of the most crucial factors of an engagement session is the location. The location of your engagement photos should be somewhere special, but also somewhere photogenic. A skilled Engagement Photographer like myself (Eli Zaturanski) can adapt to most lighting scenarios, but there are also important things for a client to consider.

First, you should pick somewhere that is special and memorable for you and your partner. This will help bring up fond memories that will be reflected in your facial expressions and body language. It will also make for a wonderful story for your children and grandchildren that will look at the photos several years from now!

Next, it is beneficial to find a place where you can interact with your environment in interesting and playful ways. Posing always works better when there is real emotion/fun behind it. Having fun scenery will also make your pictures a talking piece at your wedding or other family events.

Finally, don’t forget to let loose and have fun. Being romantic on camera can be a little awkward for some, but don’t let yourself feel too uncomfortable. Be yourselves, enjoy your time together, and remember what brought you to this moment.


Where to Shoot Engagement Photos
Engagement photos locations should reflect yours and your husbands personalities.

Where to Shoot Engagement Photos
Noah & Jessica Engagement shoot-8527This engagement shoot was done on the beach. This couple felt relaxed and happy to be here. Where to Shoot Engagement Photos
Noah & Jessica Engagement shoot-8552Many places can exude romance, just like this san francisco beach, pictured here.

f  Where to Shoot Engagement Photos
© Eli Zaturanski ⚗ ⧝ elizphotography.comThis couple wanted a place where they could stroll by the water


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